Peter J. Dapkus
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I am a passionate technology leader who has worked in both engineering management and product management roles. My open, honest, and direct style inspires strong loyalty from the teams I serve. I am a strong system architect and software developer. I have worked at world class software and service companies and have experience taking software from design and development all the way to operations and support. I am a believer in lean software practices, have practiced agile development for 5 years, and have transitioned several teams to agile methodologies. I have worked with customers through the executive level and can deliver tough messages when necessary. I am a level head in times of crisis. I have delivered over 20 commercial products or major product features, in various roles including software engineer, product manager, and development manager. In the last two years, I have built 6 teams, recruiting 20 people from internal and external sources. I have managed a $10m infrastructure of 2500 vms.


  Independent Consultant/Advisor May, 2012 - Present

Currently providing advice and consulting in the areas of product management, lean methodologies, and system architecture to various early stage technology companies. February 2006 - May 2012
  Engineering Director, Core December, 2009 - May, 2012

Managed 4 teams of 20 developers including one manager. Teams were responsible developing the software that drove an internal grid of 2500 vms and for the tools and infrastructure used to release new versions of's service to data centers the globe. Grew the grid from a pilot capacity of 500 to production capacity of 2500 VMs. Decreased release times from 3 days (worst case) to 30 minutes. Hired or recruited the majority of the current team members. Acted as scrum master or product owner at various times.
  Director Product Management - Identity and Security Feb, 2008 - Dec, 2009

Responsible for identity and access control features and platform web security. Led response to 2008 phishing incident, launching "identity confirmation" features. With Infosec group, championed an initiative to improve platform web security. Led initiave across all R&D to put in comprehensive protection against XSS and CSRF for all products. Launched support for SAML, OAuth, and customer domain names. Met with Customers and Partners to brief them on new features, understand unmet needs, and handle escalations. Prioritize Product Backlog and act as Product Owner for cross-functional Scrum team. Built the case with Executives for resourcing new development. Develop launch materials for product marketing, training, and support.
  Sr. Product Manager - Platform API February, 2006 - February 2008

Product manager for API. The API was one of the first SaaS APIs and was the highest volume enterprise web service in production at the time, servicing over 50 million requests daily (over half the daily requests to This API was used by large and small customers to integrate salesforce with internal systems, and by partners to build product extensions. Key innovations include custom customer WSDLs reflecting individual customizations, both strongly typed and weakly typed WSDL, 4 year backwards compatibilty guarantee through versioned end points. Helped instigate the transition to Agile methodologies; Also helped raise the bar on the build and test process. These changes have helped maintain high developer productivity despite rapid growth and helped to get to regular quarterly releases.
  BEA Systems November 2001 - February 2006
  Manager, Engineering October 2004 - February 2006

Web Services - Managed the XML / Web Service team that delivered stack for all BEA products including WebLogic Server. Coordinated requirements and priorities across product teams. Worked with executives to to establish Web Service priorities and set appropriate staffing levels. Performed project planning and management, making sure everyone knew what they needed to know to stay heads down and productive. Establish a culture of craftsmanship and continuous learning on the team. Shipped our 9.0 release, with industry leading performance and scalability and new implementations of JSR-109 (Web Services for J2EE), JAX-RPC 1.1, JSR-181(Metadata for WebServices), WS-Security, and WS-RM.

EJB - Also managed EJB team, during a period of crisis. Identified and evaluated strategies for getting EJB back on track with an EJB 3.0 preview. Helped build the case for an acquisition and helped plan and perform due dilligence. Spun up an offshore team in China to maintain EJB tooling and mature areas of the code.

Provided mentoring and career guidance to 12 Engineers.

  Sr. Software Engineer November 2001 - October 2004

Web Service Security - Program manager for security features in web service runtime for BEA's flagship Weblogic Server. Led the effort to design and implement WS Security, including XML Digital Signature and XML Encryption. Worked with product management to take a vague standard and support it with a simple yet flexible user model. Worked with internal customers (from WLI and WLW product teams) to define inbound requirements and coordinate development schedules. Work with other teams and product management to define outbound requirements for platform features that improve support for Web Services and WS Security. Coordinated external interop testing. As committee member, contributed to the OASIS WS Security. Worked with CTO's office to coordinate standards strategy.
  SCIENT CORPORATION April 1999 - April 2001

Scient was a leading eBusiness systems integrator that provided full range of services including business strategy, system design and development, and technical operations management. His responsibilities included:

Applications Architect - Worked with business strategists and executive clients to develop business strategies to capture opportunities created by new information technologies; Worked with business team to help translate strategies into business requirements; Lead technical teams in designing architectures to deliver the requirements, in performing package evaluation and selection, and in developing and testing the eBusiness systems. Worked primarily with N-tier J2EE-based platforms. Client work included: FullScope, Wells Fargo, Qwest Communications, Johnson Wax Professional,, and

Information Security - Worked with clients to develop comprehensive security strategies, to develop secure architectures for eBusiness, and critique cryptographic protocols. Clients included FullScope, Wells Fargo, and ePhysician. Also, founded Scient's Security Neighborhood, a community for fostering best practices in information security on client engagements.

Delivery Methodology - As technical representative, helped reformulate the early portions Scient's delivery methodology to provide more rigorous coverage of business and technology strategy and incorporate security in to early phases of client work.
  Director of Engineering, Secure Electronic Markets  

Founding member of the leadership team for Global Integrity, an SAIC spin-off that provided professional services in the areas of electronic commerce and information security. Global was acquired by Predictive Systems in December 2001. Helped define Global Integrity's offerings, particularly in the area of eBusiness. Client work included:

RIAA - Provide consulting services to the recording industry in the areas of information security, digital distribution, and intellectual property protection. Performed evaluations on proposed copyright enforcement technologies. Provided input to music industry strategies for new technologies. Designed a framework for copyright protection in consumer electronic music devices and music software intended to foster electronic commerce, end-to-end copyright protection, and interoperability.

AAP - Provide strategic consulting and technical assessments to Enabling Technologies committee of the Association of American Publishers. Work included development of security certification program for electronic books, a security assessment of three electronic book systems and general consulting on electronic commerce strategy.

BankServ - Designed security architecture for a startup providing wire-transfer services to medium sized bank. Design included database security, secure network services, and strong transaction authentication. Also, provided a 3-year implementation plan to transition from existing system through extranet services on private networks, to Internet-based wire-transfer initiation.

Financial Industry - Provide consulting to financial industry clients on implementing SET and other X.509 based PKI based security services. Services included product evaluation and selection, technology risk assessments, and security architecture review.

Internal Product Development - Directed development of Global Integrity's internal software products. Notable development projects include development of a software system for passive detection of pirated music on local area networks; also, development of web-based services including a forum site for coordinating activity of a multi-corporate design effort and an information security site which provided targeted security bulletins based on user profiles.
  TENTH MOUNTAIN SYSTEMS May 1997 - April 1999
  Chief Technology Officer  

Founding member of SAIC's Tenth Mountain Systems subsidiary, which provided testing and product certification for information security products. Client work included:

SET Compliance Certification - Worked with customers (Visa and MasterCard) to establish functional requirements for software and test suite for their Secure Electronic Transaction protocol, a cryptographic protocol for conducting secure credit card transactions on-line. Led design of SET software certification test engine, established testing paradigm, determined the scope of testing, and designed flexible and extensible software architecture. Managed 10-person development effort. Coordinated pilot testing activities with SET software vendors. Working with beta SET toolkit and a still-evolving SET specification, completed task on-time and profitably. Also, lead early industry interoperability testing for the protocol.
  Senior Crypto Engineer Sep. 1996 - April 1997

SET Protocol Design - Contributing member of the cross-industry consortium that developed the Secure Electronic Transactions (SET) protocol, a cryptographic protocol that used PKI, Digital Certificates, and Digital signatures to perform secure on-line credit card transaction. Critiqued security of cryptographic methodologies, and authored several sections of the specification.

Visa International Cryptographic Strategy - Developed cryptographic architecture and long term strategy for Visa International corporate IT infrastructure. Designed architecture that included platforms from NT to MVS. Developed a implementation plan. Conducted on-site interviews to determine requirements. Managed client relationship. Visa is currently in the third year of implementation.
  Network Engineer Feb. 1995 - Jan. 1996

Vulnerability Assessment and Penetration Toolkit - Lead engineer on project to create an automated, network based computer security vulnerability assessment toolkit. Used techniques from AI to maintain vulnerability database and propagate vulnerabilities. Designed user interfaces and underlying knowledge representation.

Operations/Intelligence Workstation - Senior security engineer for multi-level secure workstation based on Sun's CMW product. Deployed system on-site at military bases. Design and developed information services using multi-level security features of the operating system.
  Consultant/Developer June 1994 - March 1995

Common Phrase Detection - Created set of statistical analysis tools for improving indexing and search results in text databases of news and legal information - the largest commercial databases at the time. Developed automated methods for identifying common phrases, spotting news trends, and identifying topical terms. Programmed in C, Perl, and Lex.
  Research Assistant Jan. 1992 - March 1994

Distributed Cognition - Conducted research in the pioneering Distributed Cognition Lab with Dr. Donald A. Norman and Dr. Edwin Hutchins. This lab conducted early work on usability and user centered design. The labs focused on understanding how human thought relies on interaction with other people and external artifacts to facilitate problem solving. Performed ethnographic observation, experiments, conducted analysis, and developed simulations.

Natural Language Parsing - Conducted research in computational linguistics. Developed a parser in Common Lisp that harnessed artificial intelligence techniques for tracking logical dependencies to increase its power and efficiency. Administered labs networked Sun workstations.
  Developer June 1990 - June 1991

Cognitive Modeling - Designed and developed a Common Lisp programming environment for artificial life simulations for use in a class on modeling cognitive phenomenon. Provided documentation and student support.


  Master of Science, Cognitive Science  
  Master's Thesis: A Truth Maintenance Based Natural Language Parser  
  Bachelor of Science with Highest Honors, Cognitive Science  
  Honors Thesis: Bin Packing and the Serial Components of Visual Processing  



  • J2EE and N-tier architectures
  • XML and Web Services
  • Algorithms and Optimization
  • Java, Perl, Ruby, Lisp, C/C++
  • Infosec, Cryptography and PKI
  • TCP/IP Networking
  • Business and Technology Strategy
  • Project management
  • Creative Problem Solving
  • Effective Communication Skills
  • Agile software development methodology and best practices